What Happened in Halftime?

What Happened in Halftime?

“[Success] comes from having a meaning in your life, doing what you love and being

passionate about what you do. That’s having a life of success.” – Tim Tebow


Super Bowl 51 is in the history books but many fans are still amazed with the final

outcome of that historic Sunday evening. New England fans are celebrating the very

first Super Bowl overtime victory. Meanwhile, Falcons fans remain dismayed that their

team squandered a 21-3 lead at halftime, leading to the largest comeback ever in the

Super Bowl.


So, what happened? Halftime happened! And just what happened during halftime that

day? Well, I wasn’t actually in the locker rooms for either team but we can all guess at a

few things that took place.


For sure, the players all received a well-needed respite from being on the battlefield for

thirty minutes. The Patriots most likely reviewed their first half strategy and looked

ahead to the second half, adjusting their game plans as necessary. The goal? To win

the game – no matter what the score said at the end of the first half.


For the Patriots, they emerged onto the field a renewed team and they executed their

strategy all the way to a stunning victory! The Falcons, on the other hand, misspent a

sizable lead and Atlanta’s first potential Super Bowl victory. Some say it was bad luck;

others insist New England simply outplayed their rival. How do you see it?


In his bestselling book Halftime, Bob Buford uses halftime in a football game as a

metaphor to explain a similar time that needs to occur in our lives. Consider any football

game. Doesn’t it make sense to take a break from an exhausting first half before

charging into the second? Can you imagine what it would be like for the players to play

sixty minutes of football straight without a break – and without a chance to revisit their

game plan if necessary?


But we often do something similar in our own lives. We charge through our first halves

trying to play the game the best we can – starting a career, raising our family, living

paycheck to paycheck, and struggling to make ends meet. We win some – we lose



As the world throws its best defense at us we struggle to keep up. When things get

tough, we try harder, double-down, work more, travel more – trying to win at this game

called life. We don’t think we can afford the time to reassess where our life is headed or

if our life trajectory is leading anywhere close to a “win”. And along the way we just

might miss out on those things in life that are most important to us.


That’s not the way it has to be. We can, and should, take the time to consider who we

really are, what’s most important to us, and what we want our lives to count for other

than an impressive résumé, a corner office, and all toys we can accumulate.


That’s where a personal “halftime” comes in. It’s a respite from being so totally

immersed in life that we can no longer “see the forest through the trees.” We get to

reimagine what we stand for, what we really want to be doing, and go do it. But this can

take time … more than the 30 minutes given players in the Super Bowl.


Bob Buford writes “what’s important is that you start by discovering the way you are built

so you can use your uniquely developed talents for purpose.  Don’t expect to solve all

your first-half issues and plan for the second half in a few hours … it will never happen if

we don’t give it the time it deserves.”


As a Certified Halftime Coach with Bob Buford’s Halftime Institute, each day I have the

pleasure of walking alongside men, women, and couples that are reimagining their lives.

They were focused on winning in their first halves but where they were headed isn’t

where they want their lives to end up. They are changing their game plans to win at

what really matters to each of them uniquely.


Some of the first questions we ask are these: “If it was ten years from now and you

were living your perfect second half, how would you know? What would it feel like?

What would you be doing?”


How would you answer these questions? Getting from where you are today to where

God is calling you to be takes a journey. But it’s a journey worth taking. And, who

doesn’t want to win at life – no matter what the score said at the end of the first half?


If you feel like you are at a point in life that you need to assess where you are and

reimagine a plan for you second half, drop me a note. Let’s chat. No obligation beyond

that … just a conversation on life. And if you would like a copy of Bob Buford’s book

Halftime, let me know that too. I can arrange to get you a copy.


Blessings to you on your journey,

Bob Karcher

Author-Speaker- Coach


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