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“Life is a journey, but it doesn’t have to be a directionless one. Many of us can feel like we are simply getting by and trying to keep up with some undefined, external forces that we don’t understand. Instead, we can experience intentional, authentic lives filled with passion and purpose. In their book, Who Are the Joneses Anyway?, Bob and Susan Karcher demonstrate just how possible this can be for all of their readers. I encourage you to read this book.”

                                                               Bob Buford
Author, Halftime and Finishing Well
Founder, The Halftime Institute and Leadership Network

“Bob and Susan Karcher’s book, Who Are the Joneses Anyway?, convicted me. It taught, inspired, and freed me to prayerfully live the life God wants me to live—not the Joneses’ or anyone else’s, but the life that was specifically designed just for me.”

Andi Kang, CFP®, CAP®
President, Crown Wealth Management

“Since we’re living in the most hyper-competitive, cluttered, and disrupted culture in the history of the world, Bob and Susan Karcher’s book, Who Are the Joneses, Anyway?, could not have come at a better time. The pressure to compete with those around us is overwhelming and has resulted in record financial debt, divorce, and depression. Everyone is tempted to ‘get more stuff,’ which is why everyone needs this book. Get it. It will give you a new perspective on contentment, purpose, and what you really need to make life work.”

Phil Cooke
Television Producer and Media Consultant
Author, One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do

“Blaise Pascal said, ‘There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.’ In their book, Who Are the Joneses Anyway?, Bob and Susan Karcher have illustrated how the pursuit of ‘The Joneses’ violates this fundamental principle in a very personal and poignant way and demonstrated very well how to be useful and free. A liberating book for any person caught up in the pursuit of success vs. significance.”

David Allen Brown
Founding Partner, Brown & Streza, LLP,
Irvine, California

“We have always heard of the Joneses. They were the family that had it all, everything we thought we ever wanted in life. And they didn’t have just the off brands, they enjoyed the most expensive, top of the line, luxury brands. That was our perspective of the Joneses. They had it made, or so we thought. In Who Are the Joneses Anyway? Bob and Susan Karcher offer a totally different perspective on discovering wholeness and satisfaction without destroying our families, our credit scores, or our marriages. The pressure to make it to the top is real! If you are anything like us, we want to learn from the experiences of others. Bob and Susan are honest and open about their journey. They share their experiences, their failures, and their triumphs. Join the many others on this road to freedom and satisfaction with life. Do not let this book leave your sight—you won’t regret it.”

Mark and Darlene Amaya
Senior Pastors, Praise Chapel Whittier

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